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Alaska Underage DUI Laws

Underage DUI Defense Attorneys Alabama

Alabama’s age to legally purchase and consume alcoholic beverages at 21 just like the rest of the United States. The legal limit for Blood Alcohol Content while operating an automobile is .08%, again just like the rest of the country. However, if you are under 21 years of age and are charged with drunk driving you should know that Alabama has extremely strict laws for those under the legal drinking age of 21. If you are under the legal drinking age and are caught driving drunk or driving buzzed there are very severe legal and administrative penalties you will face such as fines, fees and license suspension. In addition, if you are enrolled in any of the many colleges or universities in Alabama you may also face administrative penalties imposed by the school or institution.

If you have been caught drinking and driving in Alabama you should consult with an experienced Alabama Underage DUI Defense Attorney as soon as possible. You can email our Alabama juvenile DUI defense attorneys by clicking here. 

Underage DUI Defense In Alabama

Upon conviction of an Underage Driving Under The Influence charge in Alabama the penalties are non-negotiable. Attempting to have your case dismissed for various reasons may be a very sound strategy. A Juvenile DUI charge in Alabama may be dismissed for several reasons such as determining that there was not probable cause to stop the driver, the breathalyzer test not being properly administered or calibrated and was there enough evidence to charge the juvenile with a DUI. There are many other possible ways to dismiss the case. A qualified Alabama Underage DUI Lawyer can help with this.

Underage Consumption Attorneys In Alabama

Underage consumption and some other criminal charges often go hand in hand in underage DUI cases. As in many other states, it is illegal in Alabama to drink alcohol until one is 21. Being charged with underage consumption can severely and negatively impact individuals and families for years. Additionally, being convicted of “driving under the influence” before one is 21 can be particularly harmful since it can result in consequences such as additional suspension of driving privileges, fines, court costs and community service.

One can be arrested for underage consumption anywhere in Alabama: the beaches, lakes, rivers, colleges, universities or a party.  After such an arrest, it makes sense to consult with a qualified and experienced Alabama underage consumption lawyer.

Alabama Underage Possession & Minor In Possession Laws

Being under the legal drinking age of 21, and getting caught with alcohol in your possession is a crime in Alabama. You can be arrested for underage possession of alcohol or, minor in possession. Getting caught underage and intoxicated, trying to purchase alcohol or possessing alcohol is a crime that will have serious ramifications on your academic future, your driving privileges and your ability to get and maintain employment.

Possible Minor In Possession Law Exceptions

The state of Alabama has exceptions to underage possession laws. They are:

Possession or consumption of alcohol in connection with any religious service is legal

Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages given to you by members of immediate family, i.e. parent, legal guardian or spouse, within the confines of those family members homes is legal in Alabama.

Penalties For Underage Possession Conviction 

If you get arrested and ultimately convicted of a minor in possession charge in the state of Alabama there are a number of legal and financial consequences you will have to face. If you are arrested at, and attend, the University of Alabama or other AL colleges or universities you may also face sanctions imposed by the university. For a first offense MIP you will have you driving privileges suspended for 30 days unless you were drinking and driving. If you were drinking and driving the penalties are much more severe. If you do not have a drivers license in Alabama you will be fined $100.00 for the first offense. The amount of the fines increase with each subsequent offense.

 Protecting Your Rights

Being a good AL underage drinking defense lawyer means not only being knowledgeable of the law and how it works. Equally important is understanding how to successfully navigate through the legal system in an attempt to obtain the most favorable outcome–protecting the client’s rights, reputation and future. Defending clients successfully includes knowledgeably reviewing police and arrest reports and negotiating effectively with the prosecution.

Contact An Alabama Underage DUI Attorney

If you, or your child has been charged with Driving Under the Influence and they are under the age of 21 please contact our Alabama underage DUI lawyers.